Valkyrie Fitness Bootcamp: Elite Training and Workout Plans

My bootcamp is designed for maximum calorie burn in the hour that you are working out with me. I want to get you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body, and most importantly, make fitness FUN! My bootcamp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, core and functional movement patterns. You will get everything you need in this one hour workout! Over time your body gets used to the same workout routine. You will not do the same workout twice because your body will never adapt and you will never plateau! You will get results and you will get them quick and they will continue to come month after month!

My bootcamp is for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. You just need to have the will to finish what you started! You can expect to leave with positive energy! Bootcamp is about a team environment where both the trainer and fellow bootcampers motivate and challenge you to reach your highest potential! Not only will you leave with a positive mindset, you can also expect bootcamp to increase your energy, build lean muscle, burn fat & get you looking fit and sexy!

Bootcamps are held outdoors from April-October. We move indoors for the Winter months.

Why Boot Camp is Worth the Hype

What is boot camp?

Many people have preconceived notions about boot camp workouts, which they often compare to military training. However, that is not the case. Many will say that they often describe boot camp workouts as a really difficult personal trainer or group exercise class. The thinking goes something like this: "You go to a "military" boot camp workout. A small group of people meet for 90-120 minutes. The workout is insanely hard and seems to never end." And they may be right. However, that is not boot camp. Boot camp is not a military-style "round robin" workout. Instead, what you get in a boot camp workout is an intense workout that takes an hour, two hours or more, led by a good-natured instructor.

What boot camp can do for you

Increase your ability to maintain strong and healthy body weights by burning more calories in less time, build lean muscle mass and improve flexibility, strength, power, stamina and aerobic capacity, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Boot camp also helps build mental strength and self-esteem, develop social skills and valuable life skills including time management, teamwork, self-discipline and perseverance, which are often transferable to other aspects of life, improving overall quality of life. Boot camp is one of the most effective forms of exercise for stroke prevention, according to Harvard researchers. It has the best chance of getting you off drugs and alcohol, boosting your mood and decreasing binge drinking rates in teens.

What are the benefits of boot camp?

Cardiovascular Fitness. Cardiovascular exercise helps improve your ability to fight heart disease and decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular problems in the future.

Improved Performance in Sport. In fact, research shows that the exercise programs commonly offered in sports facilities reduce injury risk, increase muscle strength and boost overall athleticism.

Memory Enhancement and Focus. During exercise, your focus and short-term memory improves, and cardiovascular exercise can increase the length of your mental stamina.

What are the drawbacks of boot camp?

It’s intense, you sweat like a maniac, you have to be on your toes and can’t get off the floor, and everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. When you work out, you are highly conscious of your body. What it is doing, where it is at in the workout, the techniques, and if you are pushing it too hard. Everyone goes through it - you can push through it!

Why is boot camp worth the hype?

1. You'll never do the same workout twice. Many people come to the gym and stick to the same routine. This can lead to feeling bored and unmotivated. If you constantly exercise with the same person or the same gym equipment, you'll start to develop muscle imbalances, which can lead to injury and loss of shape.

2. You're building muscle. Your muscles will feel stronger and more defined. This helps you feel more confident and gives you the physique you've always wanted. It also means that you'll feel stronger during high-intensity training, which makes you more likely to see real results.

3. You'll be working out in a group setting. Even if you're the only person participating in a workout, you can still have a great workout.

Other reasons include:

Better heart health

Lower blood pressure

Reduced anxiety

Better brain function

Wounds heal faster

The ketosis diet

Muscle gains

Better memory

More energy

Reduced food cravings

Smarter hormone levels


Even if we don't find a magic formula to transform our bodies, the small changes we make to exercise can greatly increase our overall well-being, all without any side effects, and the truth is, it's not as hard as most people make it. Our health and fitness results are a reflection of our total lifestyle, including how we feel about ourselves. It's up to you to choose the best program for you.


woman exercising

Sarita lost 52 lbs in just 10 months

"We all get to a point in our lives that we me must face some struggle , mine of course was ALWAYS my weight. From the age of 7, my family always told me I was "big boned" and I accepted that and enjoyed life as a plus size teen..."

woman losing weight

Heidi lost 30 lbs and 2 dress sizes in 1 year.

"Jen introduced me to Advocare in 2016. I tried a 24 day challenge along with supplements through the year. My mind wasn’t ready for complete change. In 2017 I was at my heaviest weight of 167..."

Access to Boot Camp Session

You can get in a great workout at Valkyrie Fitness. We focus on the needs of each individual, ensuring our class is never too crowded to allow you to get your personal best every session.

At-home Workout Plans

Don't have time to go to a fitness center or a boot-camp? We use a range of high-intensity strength and cardio workouts that can be modified up or down to suit your fitness level right at home! This program is designed to help you push your limits at home, and reach your goals through an intense workout schedule that is tailored for you.

The Body Blaster

$99 / workout

12 Week Training

5 Days on, 2 days off

Basic Equipment

Free Nutrition Advice

Sexy Shoulders

$50 / workout

4 Week Training

4 Days on, 3 days off

Basic Equipment

Free Nutrition Advice

The Valkyrie

$79 / workout

3 Month Training

5 Days on, 2 days off

Dumbbells 5lb & 10lb

Free Nutrition Advice

Booty Blaster

$50 / workout

6 Week Training

2 Days on, 4 days off

Basic Equipment

Free Nutrition Advice

Interested in exclusive personal training?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do bootcamp if I’m fat?

YES! You can!! My bootcamps are for anyone! All fitness levels welcome. Most people need that accountability and love the motivating group atmosphere. Any exercise can be modified. You do not need to keep up with the group. As you attend consistently you will become stronger.

2. What do you do at bootcamp?

Bootcamp includes exercises such as squats, lunges, dips, burpees, and pushups. It’s a full body high intensity style workout. I incorporate cardio based exercises as well as weight training.

3. What style of Personal Training do you promote?

I do body building style workouts. This is mostly weight training. Weight training is proven to be a more efficient form of exercise for weight loss and overall body composition change over cardio.

4. What kind of Trainer are you?

Ever hear the expression,“no pain, no gain”? My training style is old school, favoring a body building style approach with weight lifting, and cardio is secondary to building a strong and healthy physique. My attitude is tough, but I get the job done. After a session with me you may feel exhausted, but you definitely won’t be regretting the workout once you see your gains.

5. Should I stretch before or after my workout?

You should stretch before and after your workout. Before your workout you want to warm-up by doing what is called Dynamic stretching. This is active stretching which stimulates and prepares muscles for use during exercise. It’s great for warming up. When your workout is done, you want to utilize Static stretching. This means you hold your stretch for a period of time. Typically 10-30 seconds. It improves overall flexibility.

6. What should I eat post workout?

You cannot overlook the importance of a post workout meal. The foods you eat should reenergize you and aid muscle recovery. You ideally want to eat a healthy balance of lean protein and complex carbs. You can drink a quick recovery shake or eat a meal within 60 minutes post workout.

7. What should I eat pre-workout?

The purpose of a pre-workout meal is to fuel your activity and give your body what it needs to perform at its peak. Your body needs carbs for energy and protein. A great snack could be an apple or a banana with nut butter.

Have more questions?

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"...As, I got older I experimented with fad diets, pills and even starvation for some time and of course the weight would melt off. Then before you know it, I was back over 200 lbs . I told myself I wasn't going to do this anymore and I wanted to officially be "Fit & Fabulous @40" and compete in my 1st physique competition . After attempts at the gym and those free 1 time training sessions, and virtual trainers, I was ready to throw in the towel. Yet something told me to do 1 more google search, that's when I came across Fit4Life and haven't looked back since. Jen understood what I was seeking and customized my workouts just for me. When I am off my game, Jen knows how to motivate and hold me accountable for my actions. She has taken time to review meal plans with me and strategies to help me along the way. I started out in Feb 2018, with Jen customizing a 3-day gym workout and have since advanced to personal training sessions on a weekly basis. When my journey started back in Dec 2017, I weighed around 220 lbs; as of today I am in the 170's and working towards my Fit4Life goals."

"...I completed an herbal fiber cleanse in October. I decided it was my time! Then I met Jen for a free nutritional seminar this January. She taught me how to select carbohydrates, fats, and proteins as well as how many of each I need per day. In April Jen began hosting a bootcamp through her business, Fit4Life. She is a blast to follow showing proper form using a mix of weights and cardio. I have been working out with her two hours per week. Today I am wearing 2 less dress sizes and removed almost 30 pounds. I feel and look amazing thanks to her knowledge of nutrition and fitness."

Unleash Your Potential

Our personal training services will be of the highest caliber, being taught by professional and friendly driven trainers. Our fitness center and boot camp focuses on creating an environment that develops camaraderie among our members while providing the best in person training services in the York PA area.

Scan the QR code below to purchase your $7 boot-camp session or Punch Card (worth 22 sessions). Click here for direct link. You are also able to purchase for more than one person or purchase multiple sessions for yourself. See you soon!

We offer a wide range of classes to meet your busy schedule. Our class is a type of strength training that will help you build lean muscle, tone your entire body, and improve your bone health. You can build the perfect workout sequence when you take our variety of classes in areas such as strength training, cardio, and mind body. Cardio classes will burn calories and help you sweat out toxins, building stamina and improving your heart health.

One-On-One Personal Training Tiers

$200/m (1x/week)

$360/m (2x/week)

$420/m (3x/week)

Partner Training Tiers

$140/m per person (1x/week)

$240/m per person (2x/week)

$300/m per person (3x/week)